A celebration to bras for large cups!

Bras for large cups thesedays are easy to find online. Research tells us that still a lot of women do not wear their right bra size. 

I believe in a well fitted bra for every plus sized woman. 

Of course I do. I’m a woman and I want nice lingerie. And love to write about it too in my blogs. 

I love a bra that feels comfortable and makes my clothes look better. Don’t we all? I mean, this is how it really should be. A well fitted bra for every women, whether see is a petite, medium or plus size looking for bras for large cups. 

two women sitting plus size lingerie


How to find your right DD+ plus bra?

For many years I wore bras but didn’t really like them. I thought my bras where the best I could get. Not really taking any time to get into the matter.

Only after starting an online lingeriestore I found out I had been wearing a wrong bra size. All those years!

During the time I had a lingerie store I was kind of shocked. I started measuring four women friends of mine. Three of them where not wearing a wel fitted bra. They felt it and they saw it in the mirror.

It must be so human to stick to something that no longer is good for us. Like a bad fitted bra. I did anyway. For too many years a was wearing a wrong size.

measure bras for large cups

When measure?

  • when you think or know your body sizes have changed
  • when you notice (all day) you’re bra isn’t comfortable anymore
  • if you never measured yourself before, you could end up with a totally new bra size!


Read more about how to measure yourself on the page Plus size bra fitting. 

Also there’s this great short video on Herroom ‘How to measure plus size’. Just click on the video down below.